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We need your help!

Coalition for Music Education and the Youth Take Charge program at the Department of Canadian Heritage are conducting a post-project survey with Music Monday and Youth4Music participants aged 7-30.  We need your help to ensure that participants have an opportunity to complete the survey.  Organizers should use the URLs below to distribute the survey in a controlled environment by entering the URL on each computer, laptop, or tablet located in a specific location and having participants complete the survey.  The information collected will help Coalition for Music Education and Youth Take Charge demonstrate project results.


As a thank you, the Coalition for Music and Education will give teachers and organizers an opportunity to win one of five $300 gift certificates to be used for their music programs.  After completing the survey, participants will be asked to provide the name of their school or event location and the teacher or organizer involved with their Music Monday or Youth4Music event.  The opportunity to enter the draw ends on June 20, 2016.