Hockey & Music.

Hockey & Music is a new initiative by the Coalition for Music Education that explores the connection between music and hockey. Sports and music are often presented as mutually exclusive activities that can separate young people in their schools and communities. This initiative intends to address the stigma and to bridge that gap. It will also explore the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits of music and hockey. The initiative is part of the Youth4Music program. Its objectives are to link young people with their Canadian heritage, to develop an understanding of the mutual benefits between music and hockey, and to link Canada’s “national sport” with Canada’s musical voices.


Activities are guided by a team that includes Hockey & Music youth project leaders, Youth4Music members, and members from the Coalition’s Board of Directors..

  1. Webpage dedicated to the Hockey & Music initiative that will provide information about the initiative, curated stories, a playlist, benefits of music to hockey and an overview of inspiring leaders.
  2. Catalogue of prominent Canadian musicians who play hockey, and hockey players who play music.
  3. Outreach to musicians, and to hockey players of all levels, genders and backgrounds across Canada.
  4. Playlist of Canadian songs that inspire and motivate hockey players and hockey audiences.
  5. Stories by young people, and by professional hockey players and musicians about the benefits music provides to hockey players
  6. Resources such as a “learning and teaching module”, which will explore the connection between music and hockey to become available online, including the benefits that music provides to hockey players
  7. Special event that celebrates Hockey & Music through a concert of the Canadian Hockey playlist performed by Youth4Music musicians, hockey players and musicians.

For more information

Contact Ashley Boychuk, Program Coordinator
(416) 258-2871


About the Coalition for Music Education

The Coalition for Music Education is an organization comprising parents, students, educators, and business people from varying walks of life who support school music programs. The Coalition works to build awareness about and celebrate the importance of music education for all young people in Canada. More info:


About Youth4Music

Youth4Music is a network of Canadian youth who are passionate about music in their lives – learning, appreciating, creating and making music! It provides a platform for the voice of young people about the importance of music in their schools and communities, and gives youth a chance to collaborate on Coalition strategies and projects. It provides leadership opportunities for youth to make a difference for music in their schools, and communities. More info:

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