Leadership 101: Finding your passion

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As a young person, finding your inner leader can sometimes seem daunting. There are always so many youth doing inspiring things, but sometimes it’s hard to find opportunities join the movement. Here at the Coalition, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a young leader. That’s why we are launching this Leadership 101 article series. It is meant … Read More

Highlight on National Youth Leadership

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“Music saved my life.” For George Murga, music is an outlet for creative escape. It all began with church music, when George started playing piano at the age of 6. In grade 7 he picked up the trumpet and never looked back. It was in high school when he really fell ‘into the world of music,’ through experience with jazz … Read More

Cape Breton joins the Youth4Music family!

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High school is a time when people often dream about graduation, moving away from home and pursuing studies at University. So much so that we sometimes forget to take a step back and consider how we can make a positive change right where we are at home. This was the focus of the recent Youth4Music symposium held at Cape Breton … Read More

OrKidstra: Music education impacting the lives of youth, as written by ambassador Venessa Lachance

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Where extreme poverty inclines youth to crime in Venezuela, some might see despair and a society bound to failure.  Yet, Dr. Abreu didn’t lose faith. With the firm belief that music has enough power to bring communities together, he created El Sistema, an orchestra program, in 1975.  Dr. Abreu’s initiative has since inspired musicians in several countries to do the … Read More

Highlight on National Youth Leadership: Christina Beharry

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Every musician has a unique story to tell when it comes to how they fell in love with the art. For Christina Beharry, it was a toy piano that initially sparked her interest in music. That toy piano ultimately led to real piano lessons and from there Christina had the opportunity to learn a number of different instruments including trumpet, … Read More

Highlight on National Youth Leadership: Cole Forrest

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By Sarah Veber As an Aboriginal youth living in Northern Ontario, Cole Forrest strives to share his identity through many different art forms. Cole grew up on and off of the Nipissing First Nation reserve near North Bay, Ontario. From early on, music became an integral part of his upbringing and culture thanks to family members who introduced him to … Read More

Bianca Chui: Musician, Advocate, Leader

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by Xiaoyu Huang I have known Bianca Chui for just over a year, and I have known Tobias a similar time. He boasts a slender build; thin, athletic neck and flattened, oblong torso that accompanies Bianca wherever she went. By day, she is an Second Year International Baccalaureate Diploma student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, nestled in suburban south … Read More

Newest Olympic Sport….Poetry!?

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by Céline Peterson The years? 1912-1948. That was the last time that the arts were represented in the Olympic games. Yes, it’s true – there were medals given out for art forms such as music, sculpture, and literature. There are very few people today who would remember that this used to be the case. However, my cousin (an Olympian herself), … Read More

Highlight On National Youth Leadership: David Lee

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by Sarah Veber  The music industry can be a difficult one to navigate, especially beyond the safety net that post secondary institutions provide. To David Lee, music education involves more than just mastering an instrument. It’s about providing performance and networking opportunities to young musicians who are trying to make it big after graduation. This belief ultimately led to the … Read More