Newest Olympic Sport….Poetry!?

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by Céline Peterson The years? 1912-1948. That was the last time that the arts were represented in the Olympic games. Yes, it’s true – there were medals given out for art forms such as music, sculpture, and literature. There are very few people today who would remember that this used to be the case. However, my cousin (an Olympian herself), … Read More

Highlight On National Youth Leadership: David Lee

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by Sarah Veber  The music industry can be a difficult one to navigate, especially beyond the safety net that post secondary institutions provide. To David Lee, music education involves more than just mastering an instrument. It’s about providing performance and networking opportunities to young musicians who are trying to make it big after graduation. This belief ultimately led to the … Read More

Women’s Empowerment Through Music Interview Kat McLevey, singer/songwriter from St. John’s, NL

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Photo Credit: by Sarah Veber, Youth4Music Ambassador and Editor in Chief, Youth4Music Newsletter What has been the most meaningful and rewarding aspect of your career so far for you personally? “Whenever I hear that a young musician is inspired to write and perform their own music after listening to mine or after having met me is incredibly enriching and motivating … Read More

Community Music, the new form of music education?

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Community music, though it may be an unfamiliar concept to many, has deep roots in many societies. From singing around a campfire to improvising music together with different instruments, community music takes on many forms. May Chook, currently working from her studio in Toronto, has taken an interest in this unique field of music in addition to teaching vocal technique. … Read More

Highlight on National Youth Leadership: Xiaoyu Huang

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An accomplished pianist, Xiaoyu Huang began his studies in China before coming to Canada at the age of 8. He went on to receive an ARCT in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music at age 12. As a performer, he has partnered with Canadian composer Spencer Tsai to premier unpublished works and has personal experience as a composer … Read More

Music Monday Spotlight on Youth: Sophie Perey

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Individuals comprising the Youth4Music network are active in communities across the nation, planning outreach events to advocate for our collective belief in the value of music education. Sophie Perey, a passionate young leader from Prince Edward island, played an important role in the highly successful Music Monday events in Summerside. Sophie’s love for singing, acting and dancing led her to … Read More

Highlight on National Youth Leadership: Sarah Veber

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Originally from Newfoundland, Sarah Veber is currently pursuing a BMus in Harp Performance paired with Science Studies at the University of Ottawa. As an up-and-coming harpist, some highlights to date include appearing as guest soloist with the String’s of St. John’s, performing as principal harpist with the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra for four seasons and competing as a finalist in … Read More

NUFSICISUM Interview (James Klassen)

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From Winnipeg, James Klassen is one of five 2016 NUFSICISUM winners from across Canada. Recognized for his leadership qualities through music, James recalls musical experiences and opportunities which have helped to distinguish him as a Youth4Music Ambassador. Beginning piano lessons early on, James understands the benefit of having had access to music education at an early age. Currently a grade … Read More


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Wednesday, April 6 4pm- 7pm Oak Bay High School 2121 Carboro Bay Road, Victoria The Coalition for Music Education in Canada is teaming up with the Coalition for Music Education in British Columbia to host Youth4Music round tables to discuss the role that music plays in our lives – in our schools and in our communities.  Please join us! share … Read More